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Friday, March 15, 2013

Under the leaves

It’s time for me to clean up my yard for the annual Easter egg hunt.  We have hosted it for so many years that we are on the second generation of hunters. Family and friends will come for lunch and an egg hunt.  There will be an Easter parade for those who have worn their Easter bonnets.  It’s great fun, but I need to get rid of some winter debris around here.  Today, is sunny and quite warm so I am going out to get my wheelbarrow and rake.  My task is to remove all the leaves that have blown into the flower beds and against the house and deck.  When I rake I always uncover the flower bulbs breaking though the ground.  Sometimes I think they are more beautiful than the flowers they become for what they represent.  They have survived the cold of winter and  somehow forced their way up thorough the ground to the surface. They represent perseverance and hope and life and they are just one of the miracles of spring!


ssurridge said...

What a fun celebration! I love seeing the bulbs of spring be resurrected each year. Your post got me excited for Easter Joy!

Nanc said... I want to see that picture here in n. Illinois. Do you have the parade right at your house? So much fun ! xo