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Monday, June 24, 2013

Unwelcome Guests

Last Saturday night the deer had a party in the Ponderosa Garden!  They ate bean vines and corn and ripe tomatoes.  They also nibbled some peas and strawberry leaves.
There was an electric fence and they had never bothered anything before so we were a little surprised to find they had helped themselves to our veggies.  Gardening is hard, hot work and we just did not appreciate the deer invasion especially since there is plenty of delicious grass all over the Ponderosa. We took precautions.  The fence was lowered and a scarecrow created.  I surrounded the tomatoes with pinwheels hoping the deer would be afraid.  But. . .
Late this afternoon I spotted these two, eyeing the garden.  They appeared to be plotting their next move.
They have become very brave and don't even run when we ride by in the golf farm cart!
So, smarter than deer guy got an idea.
He had this alert system someone had given him.  We didn't use it because we already have an alert system to tell us that someone is in our driveway--it's Piper the watchdog.  Even though Piper alerts us to cars she will lie stretched out napping while deer walk all over the Ponderosa.
This alert system is now in the garden.  We put the buzzer there too hoping if the deer enter the garden they will be frightened by the noise and that we like Piper will sleep through it.
I'll let you know!

Monday, June 10, 2013

Consider the Lilies

When the day lilies on the Ponderosa begin to bloom, it always reminds me of this song.  It is one of my favorites.
Consider the lilies, they don't toil nor spin

But there's not a king with more splendor than them

Consider the sparrows, they don't plant nor sow

But they're fed by the Master

Who watches them grow 

We have a heavenly Father above

With eyes full of mercy

And a heart full of love

He really cares when your head is bowed low

Consider the lilies and then you will know.

Birthday Bash # 2

On May 25th these two celebrated their second birthday with a bash in the back yard, one of their favorite places!
There were cupcakes and presents. There was lunch and strawberries.  Cousins and grandparents were there for playing and the weather was perfect.  It was a great day to be two!

Sunday, June 9, 2013

WPC finishes Kindergarten!

On May 31st,  I got to watch this handsome, sweet, smart young man graduate from kindergarten.
He had such a great year.  He rode the bus every morning leaving about 6:40 A.M.  He enjoyed learning and looked forward to all the fun celebrations and exciting activities in his class.
He's a whiz in math and has learned to read.  He loves books and recess and his teacher Mrs. Shipley.
He also loves his friend and neighbor Emma who was in his class.  They watched out for each other all year.

 There was a graduation program that had lots of great singing and dancing.

 Then we went back to his classroom and after he said goodbye to his teacher,  We all headed to Chuck E. Cheese for our own celebration!

We are all so very proud of him and after a fun filled summer break,  I know Mr. William Parker Cowan will be ready to move on up to first grade. 

Garden Report

This year the Ponderosa garden has gotten off to a rough start.  Too much rain caused us to have to replant, lima beans have refused to come up and potato bugs are driving Peanut to distraction!  But this week we have whipped it into shape and while it was raining this afternoon, Peanut thought he could see it growing!  Here's some photos from this morning.

The strawberries are still producing.  We have had so many that everyone in our family is tired of them.  The blueberries are just getting ripe.
Over at the visitor house, my dad has the grapevine looking good and right now it is loaded with grapes.
There is a cherry tree

and a mulberry tree. 

I just finished making some mulberry preserves. 

Stinkbug Art Festival

This week the Ponderosa was host to the first annual Stinkbug Art Festival.  While the Ponderosa Stinkbugs were visiting they discovered chalk and created an exhibit right in the front door!  
The whole family got involved. . .

Artists like to experiment so sometimes the chalk got on spots other than the driveway like 
 or feet!
Here Brooks is helping Brynn by tracing her foot.
Then he took a little break and had some upside down fun with his dad.
 There are many different techniques for creating these chalk masterpieces.  You can do the one knee down squat, but Brynn's preferred way of drawing was on her belly.

You also had to cross your feet--didn't matter if your shoes were off or 

This exhibit was on display until the rain washed it away this afternoon.  If you missed this one I am sure there were be more exhibits created this summer!
The festival did get a little rowdy near the end and a couple of the artists marked on the deck, the gate and the dog!