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Tuesday, January 31, 2012


January has been a quiet month on the Ponderosa.  With tax season in full swing, I have the Ponderosa to myself during the day and I try to keep up with the housekeeping chores and the cooking.  Of course, I have some time for morning TV, and reading and such!

We did get in a couple of trips to see the youngins' at the beginning of the month.  Since the weather was unseasonably warm and it was free day at the Hermitage we took advantage. The line to get into the house was a mile long, so we posed for some photos, ran around in the garden, rang the dinner bell and picked some cotton! Parker took the cotton to school and shared the experience with his class.

The Ponderosa Stinkbugs made a trip to the Ponderosa to end the month and they filled our weekend with laughing and playing and clapping and eating and sleeping and they had a really good time tearing up a magazine!

We're ready for February and whatever it brings!

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Take Twelve


 I am a wanna be scrapbooker.  I borrowed the idea for taking twelve photos on the 12th of each month from the Ella Publishing site.  Participants are making 12 photos on the twelfth of each month and creating scrapbook layouts to show their day.  The idea of the project is at the end of the year you will have 144 photos of your daily life. 
Here's my first try.  My day was not very exciting but a good day filled with cooking and laundry and reading and being lazy and snowy weather!

 Giant white nosed squirrel I spied outside the kitchen window.

 Piper, the Ponderosa watch dog, watching me make a picture of the squirrel.
 A little spring in my kitchen window.
 The laundry load today was light.
 The prediction for tonight.
 I am currently reading.
 The snow begins

 Poppy seed bread

 A snow day for my teacher friends tomorrow
My dad is winning in Words with Friends
The way I ended the day

Friday, January 6, 2012

Week One

The first week of 2012 both on and off the Ponderosa has been filled with. . .
some fishing

some shooting

 and some silly celebrating!

We had a lazy day when we stayed in our PJ's and watched cartoons and a movie called Cars 2.  It was a crazy weather week with snow some days and spring like weather on others.

There was some visiting with cute babies who love each other
And their toes
and their toys!

It's been a very good beginning to the new year.

Monday, January 2, 2012

Welcome 2012

Looking Back
Here's some magic from 2011 on the Ponderosa.  A little warning this is a picture post and it was very hard not to overdo, because there are lots and lots of photos taken on the Ponderosa that you never get to see! I expect 2012 will be filled with even more fun on the Ponderosa!