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Thursday, January 12, 2012

Take Twelve


 I am a wanna be scrapbooker.  I borrowed the idea for taking twelve photos on the 12th of each month from the Ella Publishing site.  Participants are making 12 photos on the twelfth of each month and creating scrapbook layouts to show their day.  The idea of the project is at the end of the year you will have 144 photos of your daily life. 
Here's my first try.  My day was not very exciting but a good day filled with cooking and laundry and reading and being lazy and snowy weather!

 Giant white nosed squirrel I spied outside the kitchen window.

 Piper, the Ponderosa watch dog, watching me make a picture of the squirrel.
 A little spring in my kitchen window.
 The laundry load today was light.
 The prediction for tonight.
 I am currently reading.
 The snow begins

 Poppy seed bread

 A snow day for my teacher friends tomorrow
My dad is winning in Words with Friends
The way I ended the day

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