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Sunday, September 16, 2012

The Race is On!

Welcome to The  Coutta Backyard Speedway where daily races are held for both large and small!  All you need to participate is someone who will push you! 

The Rules of the Race:
1.  Be sure your door is fastened!
2.  The faster the better!
3.  Have Fun!

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

12 on the Twelfth of September

It's time for my twelve photos on the twelfth.  The weather today was awesome with low humidity and temps in the lower 80's.  We spent the morning on the Ponderosa, the afternoon in Cookeville and the evening back on the Ponderosa relaxing in the living room!
The day began at 6:00 A.M. with the annual driveway sealing.  My only job this time was to prepare a mid morning snack of ham and biscuits.  When Peanut and I did this job ourselves it always took two days because it is hard work and we would give out about halfway.  The drive is about 1900 feet long so it was a long way to go!  These guys were finished at 11:00 A.M.
Since I was not needed for the driveway sealing, I tackled another chore, the removal of dust from underneath one of the beds.  Yes this room has wooden paneling on the walls and gold carpet that was installed when the house was built.  The bed was rescued from the attic of my in laws home in 1974!  Yes, this room is dated, but it is clean!
Because of lack of food, we decided to leave the Ponderosa and drive to Cookeville for supplies.  No driving on the freshly sealed blacktop, so we left through the woods.
First stop our favorite place to eat chicken.
 It was late, we were hungry!
It was a shame to waste an opportunity for 30% off so we stopped by Kohls and the grandsons both got a new shirt and the granddaughter a cute outfit.  Everyone needs some new fall duds!

Lowes was nice enough to have e-mailed both of us a 10 dollars off a ten dollar purchase coupon so we stopped by and found these new red flower boxes to decorate the Ponderosa playhouse! Thanks Lowes!
The Ponderosa is looking all neat and well manicured today because Peanut has been spending some time on the tractor and with the weed eater.
The afternoon sky was just an extra added bonus!
My majestic twelve foot tall mole beans made it into the photos on August 12th, but they took a direct hit from the wind on Sunday and do not look so great today!
We are always at war with something on the Ponderosa, usually it is some varmints, but lately these pesky acorns are reeking havoc falling on the deck, the vehicles, the driveway and covering the back yard so thick it is hard to walk without turning an ankle!  They also make a lot of noise when they hit the deck, the table, the gas tank and especially the heating unit!
My kindle fire, I really did not believe that I would enjoy reading on it because there is nothing like holding a book, but it is so light and easy to see.  I can check out books from the library or buy them from Amazon!  It is much neater than the stack of books by my bed.  Currently I am reading have a little faith by Mitch Albom.  You can see that I am 76% finished, and with swipe of my finger I can start the new book right behind it.  I usually spend some time with it at the end of every day!

I hope your 12th was as pleasant as mine!

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Sunday's Blast from the Past

In honor of Grandparents Day, here are some photos of me with my grandparents!  
 With Granny Ova on a beach in Florida, 1958
 1966 with Granny and Pa Pierce.  I assure you the blue velveteen jumper I was wearing was full of awesomeness!
(Others in the picture are cousins Camille and Kevin and brother Randy I cannot identify the back and legs in the right side of the picture)
1959 in Celina with Grandma, Liza Donaldson and little brother, Randy
(background newspaper reader may be our Aunt Jean)

It's Grandparents Day

Today is Grandparents Day.  We don't have any kids on the Ponderosa today, but we did get to spend some time with them this week.  There was also some special nice mail for us!
This cute card from the Ponderosa Stinkbugs, Brooks and Brynn.

On Thursday we were invited to Parker's school for lunch and to his classroom where they had prepared some special treasures for the grandparents.
We received this great drawing and a magnet he made.
We toured his classroom and he showed us his job for the week, which is calendar helper.
This is where you stand when you are the calendar helper.
His other grandparents helped celebrate the day!
Then while we were waiting for Parker to finish his day and ride the bus home we spent some time with these two rascals.

They had some lunch.
Helped their Aunt T cut out some invitations.
Played in their playhouse.
And practiced their climbing skills. There was also some ball pit diving, book reading and riding of bumper cars that went on!
These two are able to do lots of things in a short period of time because they have to get a bunch of fun in before their mom makes them take a nap!

Turkeys on the Ponderosa

We first saw this flock of turkeys in July.  We counted 26 that day.
This week they returned to the same spot we saw them before.  This time they are much larger and Peanut counted at least 20. Some were hiding in the grass.
They were enjoying a little snack in the middle of the afternoon.  This time they let me get just a little closer.
But when I pressed my luck and tried to move closer, the watcher turkey started making some sort of warning sound and they slowly moved back into the tall grass and out of sight.  The watcher was the last to go!

I just googled what do you call a group of turkeys and this was my answer:

A group of turkeys is called a rafter, although a gang is also an acceptable name. They have also alternately been called a gobble, although this definition is colloquial and does not appear in dictionaries.

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Pumpkin Harvest

This was the 2012 Ponderosa pumpkin harvest.  No large pumpkins this year and wet weather got a few before I waded into the grass to get these! Next year I am going to try for a giant one!