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Saturday, May 31, 2014

may 31

Photo a day

Friday, May 30, 2014

may 30

Photo a Day
side view
There has been many golf cart races on the Ponderosa the last few's a side view of one!

three years old

I left off a very important post.  We've had so many exciting things going on I did not make time for this birthday post!  The Ponderosa Stinkbugs are three.  They had a birthday bash at their house on Saturday, May 24 with family.  There were birthday cookies and cupcakes and each on had a little cow cake of their own.  The whole day was very exciting and filled with fun and presents.

Thursday, May 29, 2014

may 29

Photo a Day

When I saw today's prompt, I first thought it meant negative as in opposite of positive.  That word also makes me think of a film negative. So I thought I should go to the website my prompts came from and read about what negative means. I know there are no photo a day police and the prompt can be interpreted any way you want, but I try to do it right!
It turns out it means negative space--something that artists and photographers use to create a silhouette or draw attention to their image.  Now I am certain that the words artist or photographer will never be used as a title beside my name but I interpret negative space as using a solid background to make your subject stand out--like the ocean water that is surrounding my grandson who is the focus of this photo.  I just wanted to see his expression not the sand or sun or other things that were nearby. 
I may be on the right track, I may be completely off but I like this photo using "negative space."

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

may 28

Photo a Day

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

may 27

Photo A Day
I looked at the photo prompts this morning and I saw it was meal.  I ate three meals today, but I FORGOT three times about taking a photo. So, here's a picture of the view from the kitchen window at the Alvin C. York home in Pall Mall, TN.   I'm sure the York family had many a meal prepared in this kitchen!

Monday, May 26, 2014

memorial day

On this memorial Peanut and I along with his sisters headed out on the back roads in search of some of their relatives' grave sites.
We made some other interesting stops along the way.  Our tour took us to parts of Pickett, Overton and Fentress counties.
East Port Marina on Dale Hollow Lake in Pickett County.

We stopped at Falling Springs Cemetery and found the graves of their grandparents and several great uncles.

Falling Springs is a very old cemetery located next to the Falling Springs Baptist Church on Highway 85 in Overton County.
While there we had to visit this also.  Sometimes you just gotta do what you gotta do!
During this stop at the Shiloh Cemetery we found their great, great grandfather who was a veteran of the Civil War.

After winding our way up Cub Mountain,
We stopped for lunch at a market in the Hanging Limb community where we had some delicious bologna and ham sandwiches.  The owners of the market are actually from Byrdstown and tax clients at Gibson Tax Service.
Back on the trail we crossed Wilder Mountain.  Wilder was once a large coal town, but nothing is left. We made one more cemetery stop at Davidson Cemetery.  It is on a hillside about half a mile from the main road.  It is extremely old and many of the graves are marked with just a stone or a small wooden cross.

I found this poor butterfly there who was so confused and trying to feed on the artificial flowers!
We continued on down Wilder Mountain, enjoying the scenery as we traveled back to Highway 127 and Jamestown.

After a pit stop at Walmart. We headed back toward home and made our last stop at the Alvin C.York Homeplace.  Carol and Jenny's mom had once brought them to visit the Yorks and they both attended his funeral.  They had not been in the house since it has been opened to the public.  Here's some pictures of that stop.


 After our all day adventure we still made it home in time to pick strawberries, mow, water and plant some zucchini and tomatoes! 

may 26

Photo a Day

Piper, the wonder dog, guarding the Ponderosa!


 There may be some feathers flying on the Ponderosa today.

A thief has been caught red handed in the strawberry patch. I don't like to share.
You better run, turkey thief!