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Thursday, May 29, 2014

may 29

Photo a Day

When I saw today's prompt, I first thought it meant negative as in opposite of positive.  That word also makes me think of a film negative. So I thought I should go to the website my prompts came from and read about what negative means. I know there are no photo a day police and the prompt can be interpreted any way you want, but I try to do it right!
It turns out it means negative space--something that artists and photographers use to create a silhouette or draw attention to their image.  Now I am certain that the words artist or photographer will never be used as a title beside my name but I interpret negative space as using a solid background to make your subject stand out--like the ocean water that is surrounding my grandson who is the focus of this photo.  I just wanted to see his expression not the sand or sun or other things that were nearby. 
I may be on the right track, I may be completely off but I like this photo using "negative space."

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