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Thursday, May 22, 2014

today's adventure

Yesterday we did most of our outside chores because we thought it was going to rain so we declared today an adventure day.  Adventure days mean we could end up anywhere!  Our destination was the Jamestown Walmart for a battery.
We took the long way cutting through a road in Monroe that comes out in Alpine.  Sometimes when on an adventure we just decide to take a side road on a whim and this happened a couple of times today.  We stayed on the main highway (52) until we came to Bolestown and we took a side trip by East Port Dock.  I have no photo evidence but we saw the strangest thing there.  On the end of the boat dock a woman dressed in Plain Folks clothing (I can't tell which is Amish or Mennonite so I just call them Plain people) was fishing with a rod and reel off the dock.  I just could not image why she was there unless she was on vacation!
We eventually made it to Jamestown just in time for lunch and guess what day it is? It's National End  of School Day and Sonic was celebrating with 50 cent corn dogs! So we did the right thing and had some dogs for lunch.

On the way back home we wandered on some other side roads.  Where we saw
country churches
one lane bridges--this one was a little rickety looking so we just backed up and turned around.

There were picturesque views
and old barns and silos.

There were a couple of cemetery stops along the way home.  They are full of history and we always learn something or are reminded of someone we once knew when we explore the cemetery.
This cemetery in a community called Chanute has a monument listing all the veterans buried there.

Avo Rains was my grandmother's sister.  She owned a country store in the Cedar Grove community of Pickett County.  The store was one side of the large house where she lived.  I went there on Sunday afternoons with my grandparents.  People came by to get a soda from the cooler and sit on the porch.  I though the house was huge and looked like a castle and of course my grandparents let me buy all the candy and soda I wanted while we were there.
It was a great rain free day for an adventure!

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