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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

How Does Your Garden Grow?

It's been so long since I made a post that I almost forgot my password when I logged in. Life has been overwhelming and there is so much to do in the spring that I deserted our blog. But school is about to end and that means more free time for me! Our newest project on the Ponderosa is a garden. It's about two weeks old and I check it every day to see what's growing and whether the dogs or deer have made tracks through it. It's in our yard--we have plenty of yard--no one should mow that much, so we took a little corner and started plowing. Peanut started with his equipment, trying to plow up the ground.

It wasn't really doing the trick so we did the only thing a person could and that was borrow stuff from our neighbors.
Now our neighbors have all the equipment we need and they are very good at sharing. We love our neighbors!

Larger John Deere, tiller attached in back and now we are in business.

Ready for planting.

After a quick trip to the farm supply store we were ready with tomatoes, squash, blueberry bushes, watermelon and cantaloupe. A brief visit to my Dad's scored us some green bean seeds and lima beans left from his garden.
We have added okra, replanted watermelon and cantaloupe(hail the day after they were planted) and some marigolds. The green beans are up, the lima beans are starting to pop from the ground.
Stay tuned to see what happens, we've already had to battle the elements and I'm certain some critters are going to cause trouble, so there should be plenty of garden stories!

Monday, May 3, 2010

Record Setting Rainfall

We don't normally have creeks or

waterfalls on the Ponderosa, but. . .

after this record breaking rainfall on Sunday night, we now have both.

By daylight the water had receded, but you can see how hard it ran, pushing the leaves out of the ditch as it flowed down the hillside.

At one point it had to run and cover the driveway here because these limbs are too far from the tree line to just fall.
This is no big deal because after seeing the devastation around Nashville picking up a few sticks and walking on some soggy ground will not bother us!

Sunday, May 2, 2010

More Adventures Off the Ponderosa!

This is the only damage we have on the Ponderosa--right now! We just returned this morning after a strange day in Nashville yesterday! We returned the King of the Ponderosa to his home on Friday and meant to come home on Saturday, but the rain started falling and would not stop and we decided it best to wait it out. We woke up this morning saw it was clear toward our house, but that more rain was west of Nashville. We hit the road right after 6:00 A.M. and made it home without any rain, wind or flooding! The pictures below are some of the scenes we saw yesterday around the area where our children live. Stephanie and I actually had to take an alternate route home when we went to Walmart for a few groceries!