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Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Rainy Day Adventure

It was a rainy cool, foggy morning but we had been lazing around the Ponderosa for a couple of days, so we decided it was time to either get up and do some housework or go on an adventure!  Adventure won!  As with most of our adventures, we got off the beaten path and traveled the back narrow curvy roads!  Our destination was Muddy Pond, the mission being to look for the grand kids a kid size table set for their playhouse.  As were traveled toward Monterey on the main road my driver decided that there must be a way to cross over the mountain without going into town, so he decided to take highway 295 and see what happened!  We're just fearless like that!  We thought we were going toward Wilson Elementary School, but neither of us had ever been there in the daylight!  Peanut said it wasn't very far! 

 About 30 minutes later we had curved our way to the top of the mountain. At the intersection in front of us was some kind of main road no signs and no road numbers or names.  We went left!  Shortly we drove by the Wilson School.  The next hint was a church with the name Hanging Limb.  We decided we were probably going back toward Wilder and turned around.  We have an atlas in the trunk and a gps in the glove compartment but we did not bother with them, because we are fearless like that.  Just a couple of miles down the road there were the signs!  Muddy Pond was just four miles away. 
We shopped in the general store and the variety store.

They have some interesting merchandise-- beautiful quilts, (the one in the middle was priced six hundred dollars) furniture, hats and dresses, but we were attracted to the food!  We made it home with these treasures: 2 types of jam, pickles, fried peach pies, a pumpkin roll, sweet potato chips, roasted and salted peas and mini orange slices!  My personal favorite was the pumpkin roll!

Our journey took us back to Clarkrange where we had lunch here.
I know it looks like it is just an old general store, but in the back is a 5O's style dinner where we had cheeseburgers and fries! 
This giant chicken lives in the back of this truck at the Cumberland General Store.  I would love to bring it to the Ponderosa it would look great here!
After a stop at the Wal-mart in Jamestown for a few supplies, we came home and sampled all the treasures we bought in Muddy Pond.  And no we didn't come home with a table set that we went looking for but it was a much better than staying home and doing housework!

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Sunday's Blast from the Past

Here's a few autumn photos from a few years ago!