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Monday, July 4, 2016

july 4

The garden was showing out today so we spent the holiday canning and freezing!  Mom and Sybil broke up all the beans and we froze all the corn.

During the afternoon we had some natural fireworks!  Peanut was at the Visitor House watching the pressure canner during the storm and when he started back home his way was blocked by limbs so large he had to get the tractor to remove them.

Saturday, July 2, 2016

locke house

We had a great day in Columbia visiting the Locke Family.  Their beautiful home was built in 1872  on a lot once owned by President James K. Polk.
 They have put much love and effort into restoring it over the past three years.  The 14 foot ceilings give it an open feeling and the arched doorways and beautiful stairway are just a few of the historic and gorgeous features of this home

  I felt that I should be wearing a tiara and ball gown while I was wandering through the rooms!
We enjoyed a tour from Winona, the lady of the house, and then a delicious lunch under the chandelier of their dining room.
They say its all in the details and Ms. Winona and her family have paid attention to details.  I saw something new every time I re entered a room.

The home is still a work in progress and I hope that we can return when the back lawn is filled with flowers!  I will be the one sitting in the garden wearing my tiara!