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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Tattoos of Life

Lately every time I look at my hands, I don't like what I see. They look old. You can see my veins and they are becoming covered with sun/age spots. They look like the hands of a little grandma-- oh wait, I am a grandma. The age/sun/liver spots are taking over. I even bought some expensive serum for my face that is suppose to help even out my skin tone in four to six weeks! It's not been that long, but I don't think I am seeing much progress.

This was on my mind while I was listening to my Steve Wariner CD. (He's one of my favorites) One of his songs is called Tattoos of Life. Here's what he says:

Life paints a picture that time can't erase
And sometimes it cuts like a knife
Sooner or later one way or another
We all wear the tattoos of life
This made me think about the spots and the wrinkles and scars we all carry around. They are part of us, they tell our story. Instead of trying to erase them, we should just consider them to be our tattoos--badges of honor earned for all sorts of reasons. I can't change them because that would change my past and I would not want that.
I learned another lesson when I mentioned to my friend that I was trying the serum on my face and she said, "I didn't even notice it was there." It's a large spot, you can't help but see it, but she is my friend and I realized that when she looks at me, she doesn't see my imperfections. She just sees me.
So, I'm going to embrace my tattoos and not try to change them--with the exception of one-you will never see my true hair color, its a tattoo I'm still going to hide!!!

Friday, March 19, 2010

What's Blooming on the Ponderosa

This little purple crocus just popped through the leaves. I planted them several years ago and they are always the first flowers of spring. Stay tuned because we had a planting spree last fall with some bulbs and I can see them making their way up, so very soon there will be loads of blooms on the Ponderosa.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Guarding the Ponderosa

We share the Ponderosa with two dogs, Shrek and Piper. They are faithful pets who will alert the whole community when someone strange drives onto the property. Their barks along with their size keep people in their cars until one of us comes to the rescue! They get really worked up if someone tries to walk up the driveway.


But let a four legged trespasser come by and here’s what happens. . .