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Sunday, August 31, 2014

august leaves with a bang

August left the Ponderosa with a bang when a quick moving thunderstorm right before sunset created quite a sight in the sky!

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

gatlinburg adventure

Spent the week end with these sweet little goats having fun in the mountains! At school on Monday, Brooks talked about it in circle time and Parker drew pictures of goats on the roof in art.
There was also lots of golfing and gem mining and candy eating and other fun!

We didn't go alone--It was a Gibsonpalloza with the whole family in one big house! Only one thing wrong, it just wasn't long enough!

Sunday, August 17, 2014

in the kitchen

We have been maintaining a perfect 10
because that's the amount of pressure need for canning green beans!

There's also been some corn freezing happening!

 Just on Tuesday last week this was our totals:
20 cans of green beans
6 boxes of creamed corn frozen
11 ears corn on the cob
1 bag of lima beans
2 bags of green beans

It's beginning to look like a fall-out shelter in our house,
 but we know some people who will take some of these cans off our hands!

at the pumpkin patch

Imagine my surprise when I drove over to the pumpkin patch and saw this!
That's not a jack o' lantern pumpkin!

The big max pumpkins are taking over,
 and the sunflowers are showing out.

Sunday, August 10, 2014

catching up

Its a busy time on the Ponderosa.
Lots of canning and freezing going on in the kitchen.  Sometimes at the same time.

We even made our own ketchup!

There's also been some time for fun like taking a trip to the Cumberland County Playhouse to celebrate my mom and dad's 60th wedding anniversary!

We saw Smoke on the Mountain and had a really great day!

It was back to school for the Ponderosa grand kids.  One went to second grade and two went to Pre-school.  I just know they are the smartest and best looking kids in the class.
There was an election and the brother in law became the Mayor!

Last week the world's longest yard sale happened just a few miles from the Ponderosa and we spent some time there looking for treasures.

Today its just a quiet Sunday, but the beans are growing
and the peas are almost ready to pick.
 The grapes are ripening.
The sunflowers are sunning.
The pumpkins are taking over

and the cows are just watching it all happen!

Saturday, August 2, 2014


The animals in our neighborhood run to the fence when they see our farm cart coming down the road.

Because they know. . 
 Something good to eat is coming
like corn shucks!

over at garden number 2

Here's what is going on at the Visitor House Garden.
 The pumpkin patch on July 20th.
The pumpkin patch yesterday.

The first sunflower
 Baby pumpkins
 You know its August when you see this!