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Tuesday, May 31, 2016


At dinner my aunt Sybil ask who we were going to vote for in the presidential election.  I said, "I may not even bother to vote."  Someone said, "There is not a good choice."  Brooks says, "Why don't you just vote for George Washington!"  We agreed that would be the best choice!
Brooks: "Nana, I ran into your car with the Gator, but I didn't rip it or anything."


On Wednesday, May 25th the Ponderosa Stinkbugs were five years old.  The celebrating started that day and the party continued for days!  Their birthday was the last day of school for them so they took donut holes to their classmates and after a half day of school they headed for Chuck E. Cheese.  This was Brynn's pick.  It was her wish to play all the games she wanted!

The next day we picked them up in Cookeville and they stayed until Saturday.  We had a cookout and party because all Brooks wanted for his birthday was to play football with his cousins!  He got his wish! An extra added bonus was an epic water balloon fight that also happened at the party!

On Monday they had another party at their house!  More cake, more water balloons and some slip and sliding!

Happy 5th Birthday to Brooks and Brynn!