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Saturday, April 7, 2018

waiting for spring

I'm waiting patiently for spring.  My kitchen counter looks like spring.
My front door looks like spring.
But my thermometer says its winter with highs in the 30's and wind chills in the 20's. And a hard freeze is predicted for tonight.   I saw this forecast yesterday so I took a walk with my camera to capture some of the spring blooms and tender shoots that will probably get frozen tonight!

Hurry Spring!

Friday, April 6, 2018

peach lemonade

Peach Lemonade

29 ounce can of peaches, in juice, drained
Country time lemonade mix, enough to make 2 quarts

Place peaches in blender and puree until fully liquefied.
Fill two quart pitcher halfway with water.
Stir in drink mix. Add peach puree and fill the rest of the way with cold water.
Stir Well.
Serve over ice.

I like to add a couple of maraschino cherries to my glass!

easter 2018

Last weekend The Ponderosa hosted our annual Easter picnic and egg hunt.  Seventy plus friends and family members gathered for some good food and to visit with each other.  We had egg hunts for the littles and the adults!  I'm not sure which one has the most fun.  The weather was ideal.  This party is an annual tradition and we always  have it on the Saturday before Easter. We grill ribs, and chicken and hot dogs and everyone brings a dish to create an Easter feast.

Chloe the Easter Bunny.  She's been hunting eggs here since she was little bitty!

Granny Lerion's jello eggs--another Easter tradition

The little hunters

Kreelynn had to have a taste of her eggs!

The big hunters!

Looking for prizes!

Friends at the egg tree!

BeBe the Easter Kid

Ruth and Delilah friends since birth.

Betty Jo and her nieces Lerion and Sybil

Cousins sharing a little mac and cheese!

Abby and Bebe

If there's an orange ring around your mouth, its been a great afternoon!

Happy Easter