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Sunday, May 25, 2014

decoration day

Today we went to decoration.  Not many people still have decoration or even understand this word as an event!  Most people now just go to the cemetery on Memorial Day week end and leave their flowers on loved ones graves.  We still have dinner!  It's not on the ground we have tables and lawn chairs but we have lunch at a little church in a community called Double Top where my husband's paternal grandparents and many  of his relatives are buried.  We stop at a couple of cemeteries along the way and leave flowers.  We met this morning at Mt. Era cemetery in the Moodyville Community and decorated.

Here's my brother-in-law, JB making some holes in the hard ground to place the flowers.  We usually take a screwdriver along for this purpose.
My sister-in-law, Jenny, is the flower boss.  She's in charge of getting most of the flowers and she arranges them.  The rest of us mostly stand around and offer moral support!

Here's the result of our efforts.

These two boys were standing around holding screwdrivers and it made them remember a game they played when they were "little" boys.  The game was called "mumblety-peg" and they used knives.  The object of the game was to flip your knife off your fingers and make it stick in the ground. I think it may be a game that only males understand! They demonstrated with the screwdrivers.  No one got hurt today--but they are always doing some sort of dangerous boy stuff!

I chose these yellow flowers this year as our contribution.
The next stop was the Beaty Cemetery just a few yards beyond this one.  It is located on a hill top. This is were my grandparents and cousins are buried.

My great aunt Betty Joe always leaves beautiful roses from her garden.

Our next stop was Double Top where we had a great lunch at a small country church and visited with Gibson cousins.  It's a tradition that is dying but we're doing our part to keep it alive.

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