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Tuesday, May 13, 2014

creepy crawly things

Disclaimer: If you do not want to view pictures of creepy crawly things turn back now--go no further!

Our kids sent a text and picture showing us they were at the zoo today.

 I sent this picture back and told them it was a zoo around here today too! 

Here’s what happened. While mowing and cleaning gutters at the Visitor House today we noticed some small worms crawling around everywhere.  They were on the gutter downspouts, the sidewalk, the trees and around the edges of the house.  They seemed to be crawling upward and there were thousands of them.  We sprayed them with sevin and it got rid of them.

 We don’t know what they are or exactly where they came from but we must have been there just as they hatched or whatever they do!  It began to rain and we went home for lunch.  After lunch Peanut decided to go back and finish cleaning the gutters.  He promised to stay on a ladder and not get on the roof so I was comfortable on the couch watching Days of Our Lives.  He came flying in the front door and said, “Get your camera.”  He had found a large chicken snake about six foot long in the gutter.  His cleaning method was to reach in and get the trash out of the gutter, then he poured a few buckets of water through to wash it out.  He was on one end pouring water when he looked  down the gutter to see the snake lying on the edge and drinking the water he had poured in!  Normally we leave snakes alone but this one had invaded the space where people hang out so this chicken snake had to go.  Before it left for snake heaven it crawled across the roof and was going to cross a wire when Peanut got it with a hoe.

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