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Sunday, June 9, 2013

Stinkbug Art Festival

This week the Ponderosa was host to the first annual Stinkbug Art Festival.  While the Ponderosa Stinkbugs were visiting they discovered chalk and created an exhibit right in the front door!  
The whole family got involved. . .

Artists like to experiment so sometimes the chalk got on spots other than the driveway like 
 or feet!
Here Brooks is helping Brynn by tracing her foot.
Then he took a little break and had some upside down fun with his dad.
 There are many different techniques for creating these chalk masterpieces.  You can do the one knee down squat, but Brynn's preferred way of drawing was on her belly.

You also had to cross your feet--didn't matter if your shoes were off or 

This exhibit was on display until the rain washed it away this afternoon.  If you missed this one I am sure there were be more exhibits created this summer!
The festival did get a little rowdy near the end and a couple of the artists marked on the deck, the gate and the dog!

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