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Wednesday, March 6, 2013

At the last minute

The only thing that saved me from dropping out tonight was a little snore! My grandson ask me to lie down with him after his bedtime story and we both dozed off.  I was thinking that I would never be able to make a post tonight and was feeling unhappy with myself for only lasting five days.  Exhaustion was going to keep me from writing, next thing I knew I was awakened by the snoring--don’t know for sure if it was mine or his.  So, I am going to make a grateful post tonight.  I am separated from my grandchildren’s everyday lives by a two hour drive, but I make that drive often and so do their parents to our home so that we can spend  time together. Today one of the three grands has been with me almost every minute.  You can only imagine how many times they have called out, “Nana.”   We have played and read and sang and danced but all this fun left me a little tired.  Now that I took a few minutes rest, I think I can finish a post and go back to bed.  I am calling this a grateful post because I realize that many grandparents today have very long distance relationships with their grands.  Skype and FaceTime make it easier but it is not the same as a real hug.  I also know many grandparents who are having to take on the role of parent to their grandchild.  It’s hard, its exhausting and stressful emotionally and mentally, and surely a financial strain.  So I am thankful tonight that I spent the day with the three best kids on the planet, just because I wanted to!

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Nanc said...

I am a Mor-mor in that second category. I miss the chubby rolls...I have 3 more months to wait, however, SKYPE has been important like you have said. I would absolutely be exhausted if I was 24/7 on like you have been. You are grateful..still :) xo