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Friday, March 22, 2013

Breaking News

The Today Show is on TV.  It’s the time of morning they break away to the local channels for a news and weather report.  The local station for me is Nashville, TN, even though I am a couple of hours away from that city.  The newscaster just gave a report of breaking news.  The news was a barn is on fire in Sumner County.  She made it sound extremely serious and  dramatically repeated several times that a barn is on fire.

That’s just one example of what I call the media making a mountain out of a mole hill.  Is it a slow news day?  Is there nothing more important at 8:30 this morning?  I am sorry that someone’s barn is on fire.  It is a great loss for that farmer, it could be full of hay or farm equipment, but does everyone in middle Tennessee want to know this?  Does the owner of the barn want everyone to know?  Will we ever get a follow up story to find the answers for my questions?  Surely there is some thing more important that we could hear about.  I’m turning off the TV.


Rachel Z said...

I hardly ever watch the local news because everything is an emergency, I guess it's just their style.

Kay said...

I often wonder about the news content as well. Even worse is when stations rush to report before all the facts are known. Too often their speculation becomes news. Could it be so bad to say, "''We don't know yet. We'll get back when we have verified the facts."

Nanc said...

That country news sounds pretty important... but refreshing compared to what we get on local news from Chicago...mostly about the corrupt politicians. xo