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Friday, March 1, 2013

Stepping out on faith

I am having commitment issues with this.  Every day--can I do it?  I’ve been reading the slices for several years but have never contributed.  I blog but inconsistently.  Last month I did a photo a day without missing one time.  It wasn’t that hard, but writing every day seems more challenging to me.  I don’t know why. I have much to say and you know retired educators have lots of time on their hands! 
What pushed me on was a quote: “Faith is taking the first step even when you don’t see the whole staircase.” - Dr. Martin Luther King
So, I am going to jump in.  I may not make it to the end but I will be mad at myself if I can’t rise to the challenge. I am going to have some faith in myself. I’m stepping on the staircase!

(With this post I am joining with others on the Two Writing Teachers Blog to write a slice of life story every day during the month of March. I can do it!)


Ramona said...

I love your quote. Congrats on stepping onto the staircase. Remember that some posts may be short, but you can do this! Welcome to this wonderful community!

Tara @ A Teaching Life said...

Well, good for you! The writing takes over after a while, and you'll find that you miss it when you don't write. The first step is already done - you posted a slice!

writekimwrite said...

Believe me you are in a group who understands the challenge but also the wonder. It will be exciting to see what you discover.

Tam said...

My name is Tam and this is my third year. First year was tough, second year I relaxed more. I don't write every day, but I do like to write. I found out that writing about the little things that mean something to me are the most comfortable things to develop. I get ideas, too, from other bloggers. Glad you're going to give the staircase a try.

Mardie said...

Welcome! I feel the same way on this first day of my second year of slicing. It's hard to take that leap, but I know how good it felt to complete the challenge last year. I'm glad you've decided to give it a go.