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Monday, March 11, 2013

Can you see now?

Without my glasses  or contacts I can see clearly about a foot in front of my face.  Anything beyond that point is a big blur.  I think I was born with this near sighted condition because I knew I could not see well, but I thought that was the way everyone viewed the world.  When I was seven years old my second grade teacher, Miss Irene, realized I could not see the chalkboard.  She reported this to my parents and they immediately took me for glasses.  I remember how clear they made the world and how excited I was to see new things!  As a teenager I changed to contact lens.  Thankfully my vision was able to be corrected and for many years I enjoyed the 20/20 sight that other people took for granted.  Then, fifty happened and that close vision which was all I had began to diminish!  It happens to all of us.  So today as I type this I have my contacts in my eyes and my reading glasses on my nose.  It takes both of them to correct my close vision now!  The upside to this sad situation is I get a lot of exercise walking around looking for my glasses! Has anyone seen my glasses?


Jules said...

Such a great snippet of life and the progression of sight. I too am noticing the change in my eyes - crazy.

Nanc said...

I dribble my glasses like pacifiers around my house and at school. Most of the time my glasses are on my head when walking through the halls and even then, I have a hard time finding them. LOL we have some commonalities. xo

Jackie said... I can relate to searching for my reading glasses. I was a fortunate one when I was young and had good vision...but my little nephew has glasses at age three. So cute though! Now, I must find my glasses! Jackie

Judy said...

Fortunately, my up close vision is still in tact, but my nearsightedness must be helped with glasses. I wore contacts for many years, but as the contacts for distance got stronger, the contacts didn't work for close up. So glasses is the last resort and there are times when I try to figure out where I've left them.