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Friday, March 29, 2013

The Visitor House

Here’s my spring project.  We recently purchased it because it connects to our property.  It’s more than 100 years old, which means that it has a lot of character(aka some no so level spots)  The left side is added on and fairly new. There are two bedrooms, a loft bedroom, kitchen, living room, two bathrooms, utility room and a terrific screened in porch. The owners were collectors.  It’s full of interesting stuff.  Just look:

We bought it all.  Right now we aren’t sure what we are going to do with all this stuff, we just know that much of it has to go. After a little cleaning and scrubbing it can be a guest house for our children or other family and friends who need a place to stay overnight or even to get away!  My grandson has named it The Visitor House.  Anyone want to have a tea party on my porch?  I have plenty of dishes that we can use!


Anonymous said...

This is awesome. I love the way you wrote about it and showed us the pictures. What a great idea - to have a visitor house. Filled with so many treasures! I bet your grandkids will love staying there once you have figured out how to sort through it all. Very cute post.

ssurridge said...

That looks like a home that will make lots of memories. It also looks a little like an antique store. You have hours of work ahead of you, I hope it's work that is rewarding and fun. I'm jealous of your grandchildren!

Jackie said...

I love it....and all of the things within it...the porch. It will make a great place for friends and families for visits. The Visitor House is the perfect name. Jackie