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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Just Do the Math

 Today was a shopping day for me.  I live about 45 minutes from any store that you would recognize so it takes a little planning and plotting to gather in supplies. It also takes most of the day! I love a good bargain and today I was able to find some great buys.  Easter supplies for our annual egg hunt were on my list.  I found prizes and basket stuffers at two of my favorite dollar stores. There were books, kites, toys and decorations only one dollar each.  Here’s a few of my one dollar finds:

The best bargain of the day was the five cartons of Coke I purchased at CVS Pharmacy.  This week’s sale had five cartons for fifteen dollars.  I bought five and used a ten dollar gift card that I had from my last purchase of laundry detergent, and toilet paper.  That reduced my total to $5.90.  They gave me back five dollars in rewards for the next purchase I make.  To make this work you have to shop for just items on sale.  Don’t be distracted by the other items in the store--don’t even look!  As my daughter, who sometimes combines coupons and sale prices to reduce her total to just change, says, “Just do the math.”


Beth said...

Sound complicated, but I like how you think! Every cent helps!

Darlene Mitchell said...

You are my hero!!!!!!!!!!!!! I wish I could "do the math" like you do. What a great slice!!:-)

Nanc said...

I have to figure out how to do this kind of shopping. Is that a National Geographic book that you found for a dollar??? That is awesome. xo