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Sunday, March 17, 2013

A text from a baby

I’m a digital immigrant.  I didn’t grow up with electronic gadgets everywhere.  It’s true what they say about growing up with a TV that only had three channels.  And it’s true that part of the time it was hard to see those channels.  There were no microwave ovens or cell phones.  We had electric appliances and record players but computers and the internet was quite futuristic. As the changes have occurred I have embraced them.  I love gadgets.  But had you told me when I was a youngster that I would be able to “facetime” with someone I would have thought you had watched too many Jetson cartoons! 

This weekend I was reminded how my grandchildren are digital natives.  Born into a world full of gadgets they have learned though observation how to swipe and click and make the gadgets work.  My twenty two month old grand daughter picked up my ipad and managed to send her grandpa a text.  It went like this,,.

We thought it was just an accident.  He went on to work and after while he sent me a text that said, “Is B texting me again?”

The second text was a little more complicated ‘’’’’‘SSS?(.;/--df.Ok.Mmm mkJjxz

We were most impressed with her ability to use the shift key!
I wonder what kind of gadgets they will have when they are my age!


Carol said...

Funny! And a little scary! I'm watching a 60 minutes segment on the guy who invented Twitter. Right now he is working on this thing called Square. You can use it instead of a debit card. Yikes!

Nanc said... was such a dream back talk and see a face. I actually remember thinking about that. Technology is amazing and I love it! xo