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Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Flat Stanley

Most of the thirty four years I spent in the classroom were spent teaching fourth graders.   They are my favorite age--still young enough to love you and old enough to be mostly independent.  I read aloud to them every day.  After lunch the students were allowed to buy ice cream and while they were eating ice cream I read chapter books.  One of our favorite stories was Flat Stanley by Jeff Brown.  During the early 90’s the state of Tennessee began a program called 21st Century Classrooms and technology became part of our curriculum.  You can only imagine our delight when my students and I found the Flat Stanley Page and joined in the fun.  We were able to connect with other classes and our Flat Stanleys began to travel all over the United States.  We became very creative with the project making felt Stanleys who traveled about with changeable clothes and their journals.  Just yesterday I found a Flat Stanley app for my iphone.  I have not had a chance to explore it fully, but I can’t wait to revive Flat Stanley with my grandson. Flat Stanley lives again!


Anonymous said...

I remember the Flat Stanley books! I also was a student in Tennessee in the 90s (Chattanooga area) and would have read the book sometime in 1996 (when I was in 4th grade). Thanks for the memories and sharing your slice.

Ro Maxwell said...

I'm glad I stumbled upon your Flat Stanley post. One year my nephew Bo sent me his Flat Stanley... :) I was teaching high school English at the time, and Flat Stanley accompanied me to my creative writing club and to a basketball game to help my yearbook students take photos. Oh, the fun we had!

Nanc said...

I love this project also...reading...writing authentic, what could be better. Now there are so many Flat books too, none better than the first. xo