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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Be smart

Until recently I had resisted owning a smart phone.  I didn’t have a need for being constantly connected.  An upgrade offering an iphone for a small charge tempted me into giving it a try.  Admittedly my phone is usually smarter than me, but I am learning.  Today I used it to send the husband a picture of a bag of charcoal, because he said get the orange bag and I was not sure.  It looked red to me.  When I needed to use my reward card at the drugstore, there is was on my phone with just one touch.  No searching through the wallet.  One message ding brought me a photo of my grands eating popcorn and watching Sesame Street.
One thing I try to be careful with is talking and driving.  There is a law against texting and driving in Tennessee, but no law against talking and driving.  If I must take a call when driving alone, I put the speaker on so that I can talk hands free.  Other citizens on the road in Tennessee were talking today.   Several times a car suddenly slowed in front of me and when I moved left and passed, guess what I saw. Phone conservations in the car take your attention away from where it should be.  Even if you believe that you are good at multi-tasking, the road in not the place to practice it. 
Be safe and keep focused.  Call back when you stop.  Until Tennessee makes it illegal to drive and hold your cell phone, I’m going to be watching out for the other guy--the driver with one hand on the wheel and the other at their ear! Be smart with your smart phone.


shogem said...

Great message. It's funny how quickly we adapt to the new technology and wonder how we did without it.

Chris Margocs said...

I'm glad you posted this...I think everyone needs a reminder. I'm pretty good at using the speaker phone, but as you said, even that can be a distraction.

Cathy said...

Congrats on your new smart phone. You will find you soon have a million reasons you love it. It just makes everything easier. Good safety reminders!

Nanc said...

Your post is exactly why I can't. I am not focused enough on the world around me if I'm talking...actually even if I am driving with someone who is talking in the seat next to me. Thanks for posting this. xo

Donna said...

I try to stay clear of the phone when I'm driving...even speaker phone. A radio doesn't do the same kind of distracting. I watch people who I'm sure think they are doing just fine on the phone and driving, but they are weaving and slowing down, and it's so obvious what is going on in there.
Now, when I am NOT driving, there are oh, so many uses! It's great to be able to Face Time with my daughter and grandson so far away!