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Monday, March 25, 2013

On the mantel

As I was dusting the mantel today, it occurred to me that all the items I was removing tell a story.  It’s a story of several generations right there on my mantel.  There are two oil lamps one from each of my grandmothers, they are lamps that were actually used once upon a time for light.  Someone in my family read a book or sewed, or a child did their homework in the glow of these oil burning lamps.  There’s a small churn from my paternal grandmother, she used it to make butter for her family. My great grandfather’s school bell sits among the photos.  He taught in a one room school and rang the bell to begin class or end recess. I took it to school once and used it to call in my fourth graders from recess. Among the other treasures are some old toys that my brother and I played with as a child.  There are two metal cars, wooden blocks and a set of jacks I used in elementary school.  A plastic golden egg is there.  It was free when you bought a new pair of Red Goose Shoes. I believe it contained a balloon, some candy and a small toy. Some photos of myself and my husband when we were about six years old are on the mantel as well as a photo of my family around 1960.  There is a recent family photo taken just last fall.  The newest item is a photo of my grandchildren taken last December.  It sits among our family heirlooms--a new generation.  What will they add to this collection?


Nanc said...

Oh boy, do I love treasures and you are so right...they tell stories. It also gives me another idea about something I can write about....thank you xo

Tara @ A Teaching Life said...

You have a family museum on that mantel piece ... It must be such a joy to glance at all these lovely items and know that you are connected to each and every one of them.

Beverley Baird said...

What a lovely place to display all those treasures! There is something about having them so close and revisiting the past.