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Wednesday, March 20, 2013


Things Parker and Nana Did Today
 March 20th, the first day of spring

(Parker is six years old and spending a few days with his Nana and P-pa while on spring break

Ate Breakfast

Played Bedbugs

Played Uno

Played Go Fish

Played with a Lego Set

Made Easter Crafts

Watched Looney Tunes

Ate Brownies and Doritos

Watched more Looney Tunes

Ate Lunch

Went for a Walk

Went for a Ride on the Golf Cart

Checked on the Guest House

Had a Snack

Played Computer Games

Ate Supper

Wrote a Letter

Played Crazy Eight

Took a Bath

Read some Books

Went to Bed

Nana needed the rest, so we can start all over again tomorrow!


Lisa said...

I love this! I have a six year-old and totally understand. They go and go, then we both collapse. What a fun Nana you are!

MaryHelen said...

I love your poetic structure. It had rhythm and flowed through the daily activities. I was tired at the end and agreed you needed sleep to re-energize. Have fun!

Nanc said...

That sounds like awesome fun to me...he is such a cutie. I hope I can have a Ponderosa some day soon. I know my husband wants that too...especially our little Sammie coming like Parker does...xo