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Tuesday, July 9, 2013

July 9, 2013

July 9 Photo of the Day
3 Things
Three things--goldfish the snack we took to the river today.  We like the colored ones, they are just better!

July 9 Slice of Life
Tonight while Parker was taking his bath he said, "Wasn't it nice of God to make the days longer and the nights shorter when it is warm? (meaning Summer)"  It's been a long and fun fulled summer day and I have just run out of energy so I am going to make it short.  We started the morning by freezing corn, after a quick lunch we headed for the Wolf River.  We played in the river, looked around in the grist mill, and stopped at the General Store for ice cream.  Made it home in time to clean up have a little supper and get to bible school.  Back at home it was time for chocolate ice cream cones while watching America's Got Talent and then bath time.  Headed for bed now because there is more corn in the morning and another big day planned.

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