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Friday, July 26, 2013

July 26, 2013

July 26 Photo of the Day
The Everyday
This is a place I go almost everyday!  Yes, the weeds and grass are trying to take over, all the crazy rain is aiding and abetting them!

July 26 Slice of Life
You can accomplish much if you get an early start.  We had to get up early and go wait for an hour and a half for Peanut to have a 20 minute medical procedure, which had good results.  We had a late breakfast on the drive home and then we have picked, broke and froze beans.  I have washed more "old stuff" to take to the antique store.  We are anticipating a good week because of all the treasure hunters headed to the World's Largest Yard Sale on Highway 127.  There was also some laundry and ironing and cooking and yard mowing going on.  Who says retired people have nothing to do.
 Some of the treasures we are taking to sell!
 I bought these bulbs on sale this spring and planted elephant ears and caladiums everywhere.  They are about the only thing I have been able to grow this summer.

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