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Tuesday, July 16, 2013

July 16, 2013

July 16 Photo of the Day
If you were outside today you needed this type of bottle to replenish all the water lost from your body!  I needed one when I was in the garden trying to rescue my lima beans from the weeds and grass with a hoe.

July 16 Slice of Life
We began the morning with corn, more corn on the cob and creamed corn went in the freezer this morning.  Then it was off to his tax office for Peanut and to the garden for me.  We did a few more chores at the Visitor House, but the hot muggy air caused us to find air conditioning about mid afternoon.

Turkey Story
One day last week the county workers cut the grass along the road to the Visitor House.  She lost her cover but this Mama Turkey has stayed on her nest.  If we pass by in a vehicle or on the farm cart she just sits there never deserting her eggs. 

 Some photos from the Visitor House yard this afternoon:

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