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Thursday, July 11, 2013

July 11, 2013

July 11 Photo of the Day
I Wore This!
I wore this when I was part of a press conference with Dolly Parton.  She was announcing the creation of the Governor's Books from Birth Foundation and how they were helping pay for Imagination Library Books for children ages birth to five in Tennessee.  My county was part of the original fourteen to participate.  Since then all ninety five counties in Tennessee are participating!
Yeah for books and for Dolly!
We didn't just meet her we got our picture with her.  This was all back in 2004 so some of us were skinnier and had more hair!

July 11 Slice of Life

Much of today was spent freezing corn and green beans.  This makes a mess to clean up.  Cooked a good supper of green beans, fried chicken, potatoes, and cornbread.  This makes a mess to clean up.  Had some lights fixed at the Visitor House.  This makes a mess to clean up.   The dishwasher and washing machine are going now working on cleaning up some of the messes.  The rest will be there tomorrow!  Or the day after.

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