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Sunday, July 14, 2013

July 14, 2013

July 14 Photo of the Day
Squash blossoms I have seen recipes for them but have never tried to cook them nor have I eaten them from any restaurant's menu.

July 14 Slice of Life
*Unless we are out of town we always attend church service on Sunday mornings.  This morning our preacher had pink hair.  It was the result of a challenge from last week's bible school. It's hard for me to take a minister with pink hair seriously!  He did have a good sermon about living a blameless life from Psalms 101.  As I had a bible open to this passage, I also read over Psalm 100 and especially verse five:
For the Lord is good and his love endures forever his faithfulness continues through all generations.
That's a promise that should give us all great comfort.

*Visitor House update--the kitchen and dining area are now clean and livable.

* More rain today is not helping the Ponderosa garden.  We must get rid of some weeds this week or they are going to take over.  Last week we froze 150 ears of corn for the Ponderosa stinkbugs.  This week there will be more!  It's not a good year for gardening. Our beans look sad, and so do our tomatoes.  The okra grew up about a foot and stopped and most of the squash just died.  We bought red, yellow and green pepper plants, but they were all green!  Eggplants are large, but some type of snail looking bug loves to eat the leaves. There is some hope for a bumper crop of peas and lima beans, they are blooming profusely!

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