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Saturday, November 1, 2014

rock island state park


Rock Island State Park was our adventure for October 30, another place we had never visited.  We toured the park in our car because it was a bit chilly today.  If we had not stopped at the office for a bathroom break and grabbed a brochure we might not have found the falls because it was actually across the river from the camping, swimming and picnicking area.  It's a pretty park with some really nice cabins.

This is Great Falls.  It can be seen from the parking lot but a short walk down a steep flight of stairs will get a better view.  There is a power plant and dam near the falls.

The brochure we picked up earlier listed a few spots to eat and we found The Landing at the Shell Station! The Landing sign boasted good  home cooking. We walked into the dining area and were told to just walk up to the buffet and Mama would fill up our plates with whatever we wanted.  There was also a table full of all sorts of desserts.  The landing was a great spot to eat!

And as always we ended our adventure with a stop at Walmart before coming home.

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