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Saturday, November 1, 2014


We've been taking advantage of the great weather to go on some adventures.  We are trying to visit some interesting places that are near our home, most of them are first time visits for us.  On Oct. 22 we drove to Granville in Jackson County.  It is was a river town in the 1880’s when the Cumberland River was the main method of transportation.  Part of the town was covered by the Cordell Hull Lake when it was formed.  It has been restored and is operated by 150 different volunteers who work one day a week in the museums and shops.   We saw six school buses when we arrived and worried that we had visited on a bad day with that many students around.   It turns out it was a good day and group 5B invited us to join them on their tour!  We toured all the buildings and museums.  The pioneer village had some civil war re-enactors, a blacksmith and a mill making corn meal that day.  We had lunch at a market /gas station where we were pleased to find a cafe serving lunch.  I had the best French dip roast beef sandwich ever, served on a china plate!
 Every Saturday night they server dinner here and have live music.  Reservations are required.
 During October Granville has "scarecrows"  all over town representing characters who lived there or famous artists.  Many of them were made by the art students in the county.
 Our friends in 5B, every 5th grader in Jackson County was in Granville today.

 Hands of tobacco, back in the day we grew this crop and stripped the leaves from the plant and tied them like this!
Also back in the day we drank from glass bottles.  When they were empty we returned them to the grocery store to be refilled and many garages or places with a coke machine had these racks near them to return your drink bottle.
 Peanut checking out the teacher’s desk.  We learned in the museum that Jackson County once had three junior high schools.  These were for grades 4-10, if you wanted to attend more high school you had to go somewhere else, such as Baxter and board at the school.
The Cumberland River/Cordell Hull Lake

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