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Saturday, November 1, 2014

colditz cove

Colditz Cove is a state natural area near Allardt, TN.  It was our adventure on Oct 28th and a first time visit.  It's a short walk to the top of the falls with a great view, but I would not take children here as you could easily plunge to your death from the top!  We hiked/ climbed to the bottom and walked underneath the falls and back up the opposite side!  There were lots of large rocks that we had to climb over and some parts of the trail are steep.  Thankfully when I spotted three snakes in a bush it was in an area that allowed me to jump around and squeal without falling!
The drive to the falls was full of beautiful fall color.  Especially the route we took across a mountain called Doubletop.  (Doubletop is the area that Peanut’s Gibson family lived. . once upon a time)
We had a great day with a morning hike, lunch at DQ and a stop at Walmart.

 Bush full of snakes

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