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Saturday, November 1, 2014

nancy, ky

October 24
Today’s adventure was a trip to Nancy, Ky.  Our first stop was Haney’s Appledale Orchard.  They have all kinds of apples to buy or you may pick your own.  There are all kinds of other goods to purchase such as jellies, jams, dressings, and canned fruits.  There is a bakery filled with fried apple pies, caramel and candy apples, muffins and even lunch.  We bought a bag of  Ozark delicious for making apple butter, a fried pie and a couple of caramel apples and a bottle of peach pecan dressing.  I am looking forward to going back during their peach season. 
About a mile from the orchard is Mill Springs National Cemetery and beside the cemetery is a museum that is the first stop on a driving tour for the Mill Springs Civil War Battlefield.

  Mill Springs National Cemetery

Visitor Center and Museum for Mill Springs Battlefield

An interesting story we learned at the museum:

"The Zollie Tree”
By David Graff
In the years after the Battle of Mill Springs, the white oak tree that General Felix Zollicoffer's body had been placed under became known as the Zollie Tree.
In 1902, a 10-year old local girl named Dorotha Burton noticed that on Memorial Day the Union soldiers buried in the National Cemetery had lavish decorations and grand ceremonies to honor them while the Confederate soldiers buried near the Zollie Tree were all but forgotten. Dorotha thought this was unfair and that year she decorated the Zollie Tree with a flower entwined evergreen wreath and placed flowers on the mass grave to honor General Zollicoffer and his men. Dorotha continued to decorate the Zollie Tree until 1947 when she was disabled by arthritis. Her family continues the tradition, and decorates the new Zollie Tree each Memorial Day.
On June 9, 1995, a severe storm destroyed the Zollie Tree. The tree was 15 feet in circumference, 80 to 90 feet tall and between 200 to 250 years old. The white oak tree growing in front of this sign is a seedling of the original Zollie Tree. This seedling was planted on Memorial Day 1996, so that the future generations can enjoy the tradition and the shade of the Zollie Tree.

And here's a little info about General Zollicoffer :
  Brig. Gen. Felix K. Zollicoffer, CSA, died, Jan. 19, 1862, in Battle of Logan's Crossroads (Mill Springs). This Tenn. native was veteran of Seminole War, editor of Nashville Banner, and 3-term U.S. congressman. In heavy rain and smoke of battle, Zollicoffer was killed approaching USA lines, which he mistook for his own troops.

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