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Monday, July 13, 2009

What's IN your fridge Mondays

A disclaimer about these posts, they may cause you to crave something that you see. For instance, I saw my neighbors eating a blizzard two weeks ago and I still haven't stopped thinking about it.

Jay commented on my what's On your fridge Fridays post, that he would like to see what's In the fridge. I thought this was a good suggestion. So, I went to see. We had left the Ponderosa for supplies today, so it was hard to pick. And since we are all about what can we eat next, here on the Ponderosa, I will share just one of the great items in my fridge, well two!
There's some good stuff strawberries and whipped creme, ribs ready for the grill, but I chose these two lovely ears of corn to share. They are straight from the patch. Just pulled this morning! They have been sitting in the fridge today waiting for supper time.

Here is one ready to eat. It has been boiled to perfection and the appropriate amounts of salt and butter have been added. The corn is joined by another item already in my fridge, green beans. They are delicious themselves but when combined with the tomatoes and corn they are very, very tasty! Now before you lessen the distance between your house and the Ponderosa, let me show you what happened to the corn.
This is all that is left--it's gone--no kernels were spared.
What's in your fridge this Monday?

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