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Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Commentary on Chickens!

Comments about my glass chicken have made me want to clarify my stand on chickens! First, when I found such a gorgeous piece I should have bought one for all of you, but in my excitement I only purchased one! I apologize to all of you!!!! I was very selfish.

Now, here's my take on chickens. I like decorative chickens. I believe a decorative rooster in your kitchen is suppose to be good luck. I like to eat chickens. I like them fried or grilled, in salads, or on sandwiches! You name it. Zaxby's has some of the best chicken!

On the other hand I hate live chickens--the kind who flag you! (Garrison uses flag instead of flog when he talks about his real chickens). I am afraid of them! My grandmother caused this when I was very young and she took me with her to the chicken house to gather the eggs. This woman had no fear of chickens! She marched right in and starting flinging them off their nests. This caused much flapping of wings and very scary chicken noises. They came out right over my little head, so I learned to cringe in fear at the side of the chicken house while she gathered the eggs in her apron!

Another traumatic thing that occurred at her house was when it came lunch or supper she marched right out into the yard, where there was always a group of hens scratching and pecking and leaving chicken poop, and grabbed one. She then proceeded to wring its neck! It was quick- she did it with a flip of her wrist but it was not a pretty sight. I will not detail what happened to that chicken next, but it is a wonder that I can even eat chicken.

Well, you can see how childhood trauma follows you into adulthood. Thanks for letting me share but I have to go marinate some chicken tenders for dinner!

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House Queen said...

I have to admit I have a slight fear of them as well. All of that flapping and "flagging" upsets my nerves. I try to hide this fact from my boys and Garrison seems to have not inherited this from me...Keyton on the other hand...he is just like me! Good thing you like to eat chicken since Peanut is so good at cooking it!!!