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Friday, July 31, 2009

Feeding Fish and Rescuing Goats

After supper on the Ponderosa it's a nightly ritual to go and feed the fish in the Ponderosa Pond.
They eat bread or crackers or chips or biscuits-- anything you want to throw in. They even seem to like doritos! There are two large catfish that will come to the top of the water and grab big pieces of whatever is being tossed.
I tried to show you. . .
but I was too slow, and this is all I got.
You can only see the shadow they really are there.
At the pond you can hear the goats in the barn nearby. Last night we heard crying, so we went to the rescue. This one was really stuck.
It managed to get stuck in two fences.

It was really happy to be rescued! It leapt for joy!
Did you know if you use a flash while making pictures of goats, you do not get red-eye
You get blue eyes! Seriously! I don't know if red-eye reduction will remove blue eye!


Misty said...

This is why we got rid of our goats.............pure aggravation all the time! Odd discovery about the eye thing though!

steph said...

Dad should just get his own goats since he is always untangeling those goats.