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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

The War on Moles

mole |mōl| noun a small burrowing insectivorous mammal with dark velvety fur, a long muzzle, and very small eyes.

It's war on the Ponderosa. The moles are leaving these places all over our yard. We have used insecticide. (moles eat grubs and you have to get rid of the grubs!) But it is really expensive when your yard is as large as ours.
Peanut has stomped the hills down.

Even Parker got in on the act

But it still looks like a battlefield
You better watch it moles, he's scratching his head and coming up with a plan.


Misty said...

Yeah...when he starts scratching his know he is cooking up a plan! Look out moles!!!!!! Go Peanut!!!!!!

Miz Patti said...

Cats are good for catching moles but then the cat probably wouldn't make it long around your dogs!

Joyce said...

Peanut when you find the plan to get rid of the moles let me know they have also taken my yard over. we have bought traps and tried other things . these just don't work.