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Thursday, December 19, 2013

And four months went by!

Sometimes life just takes over and keeps you from doing the things you enjoy or you just get lazy and don't make the effort!  I'm not sure what happened with me but I neglected and ignored my blog for four months!  I would use the excuse that I didn't have time, but I just ranted about people on facebook this week making posts about not having time to send Christmas cards.  My rant was if you post about not having time to do something--get off your computer and use that time to complete your task!!  I'm going to try to do better no excuses!!

Let's get right to it!
Here's the best thing that's happened in the missing four months.  This is little Bailee Mae.  Well, she's not very little, when she was born on September 12 she entered the world weighing nine pounds!
This picture came to my phone today.  She is playing with her hanging toys in her Christmas outfit.  She has time for stuff like that!
 Also, on my phone today were these two going to preschool for pj day.
And there was this handsome dude with Santa.
What was I doing while all this cuteness was showing up on my phone?  I was out on this beautiful December day having lunch with the husband in Rugby. We ate at the Harrow Road Cafe and then walked around the church grounds enjoying the warm sunshine today!  Here's some pictures I made today.

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