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Sunday, December 22, 2013


Another warm but cloudy winter day!  After church we stopped for lunch at the Subway and enjoyed eating and chatting with friends.  This afternoon consisted of some Christmas cleaning and some maintenance at the Visitor House.  Supper was soup and grilled cheese and just a while ago we decided to have a popcorn snack!
I had purchased this at the Mennonite store last week while in Kentucky.
(I find a couple of things about this popcorn strange.  First of all the Mennonites are selling Amish popcorn and why are either of them packaging a product that has to be used in the microwave?  I thought most of them do not have electricity.) Anyway I put this in my microwave and hit the popcorn button!  In a few seconds it began popping and I thought it sounded funny like there was a huge amount popping all at once.  I opened the bag and could not keep from giggling.  It is tiny little popcorn that looks like a bowl of snow!
This is the bowl we use (almost every night) for our popcorn and a regular bag would fill it over the top.  It is quite delicious and the best thing is that it has no hulls!  It's now our favorite, we just don't have anywhere close to buy it!

On my phone today:
This handsome dude lost his second tooth today.  He will be getting five dollars for it because of change issues involving the tooth fairy and unexpected loss!

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