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Monday, December 30, 2013


It's been a day full of making decisions!  First at the car dealership.  You have to decide so many things and it takes so long. After a lunch break we decided on a silver Avalon Hybrid and were off to see our eye doctor where new glasses called for more decisions. 
Then a stop at Walmart made me feel grateful for being able to spend the day making these decisions.  We ran into an old friend who is now living in Thailand.  She is a missionary and lives in conditions much less desirable than we take for granted each day.   This girl did not hesitate to sell her home and possessions and move 10,000 miles away to help establish a church.  So, I'm going to feel guilty for even thinking that being able to buy the luxuries we did today is a chore. It's a blessing to be able to afford them.  My friend is doing great things and giving up things like hot water and she does it with joy! I need to be more like her--and that is the best decision I've made all day!

From my phone today
This is the world's happiest girl.  She really loves to smile.

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