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Saturday, August 8, 2009

Yard Sale Adventure

This week-end was the 127 Yard Sale, which claims to be the World's Longest. Since we live very near Highway 127 we decided to check it out on Saturday morning. We started out early in search of treasures--before 7 o'clock because we thought yard sales started early, and that the early bird gets the worm and all that, but we found that many of the sales were still covered and no one was around! Our destination was a spot in Crossville that we had seen last year out by the Homesteads. We didn't stop last year because we were in the truck pulling a boat and a truck load of boxes and toys helping Tracie, Joey and Parker with their move to another city. We looked like a big yard sale as we passed by! We stopped once on our way to this spot and bought 10 children's books for $10.00. Something we already have plenty of but we can't pass up a book bargain like that!
As we neared Crossville we noticed the traffic became heavier and as we went over the I-40 overpass we could see that the exit ramp and the shoulder of the interstate had traffic that was standing still waiting to join the treasure seekers on Highway 127. We made it through town and then when we thought things were looking up and that we were about 3 miles from our destination, traffic came to a halt! A halt as in bumper to bumper standing still traffic, no body is moving and the traffic light was going to cycle several times before we could even get to it! I need to mention here that this was also the hottest day of the summer! I also might add that the driver of the truck does not handle traffic jams very well. Considering these two things and the fact that I have been making an effort to de-clutter the house instead of bring in more--I made a suggestion. Since we had traveled this same road many times on our trips to Chattanooga, we knew that turning left here would get us back to I-40 and that's what I suggested much to the relief of said truck driver!!
Since it was also tax free day we decided that the air-conditioned outlets mall would make a good stop. We found some things we had been looking for at the mall, made our purchases and used the back streets to have an Arby's sandwich and check out Walmart.
I guess lunch made us brave and the luck of seeing an easy available parking space caused us to make a stop at one of the big yard sale sites. It's a good thing we did or I would not have found this treasure you see below. An orange glass ball with a chicken on top for my flower bed. I seem to be attracted to glass and chickens lately! We saw lots of treasures old and new. We saw a girl selling lemonade in a giant lemon and some great playground sets that the King of the Ponderosa would really enjoy if they didn't cost as much as a house! We made it back to Livingston just in time for happy hour at Sonic and finished our day off with a strawberry slush!

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steph said...

Wow, that was a nice find on the yard art. Sounds like a fun day.