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Sunday, August 9, 2009

Sunday's Blast from the Past Photo

This morning at church all the ladies were called to the choir to sing a special song. From where I was standing I could see a little boy and girl sitting with their grandpa and it reminded me of this picture, because that little boy and girl look just like their uncle and momma from this picture taken in June 1978! They were our neighbors and they are sitting on the green couch that we had in our living room. And Kris has on one of her favorite dresses!!!
And thinking about neighbors made me remember one of the many songs that Step and Kris and Amy ran around singing. I think it went like this:
One night as I lay on my pillow
One night as I lay on my bed
I stuck my feet out of the window
Next morning my neighbors were dead!
Bring Back
Bring Back
Oh bring back my neighbors to me, to me
Bring back
Bring Back
Oh bring back my neighbors to me!

The sight of little Samuel and Anna brought back my neighbors to Me!!!


steph said...

I remember that song, and I can see why Kris loved that dress - it is awesome. By the way Kris, you were pretty cute yourself!!

Kristen said...

OH MY I AM BEHIND!!!! This is hysterical! And I so remember that song...I just sang it to the kids! Thank you for posting this picture...I will have to put that in the kids memory bank...and by the way, Anna has that dress now in her play stuff...and Steph, you were always cute and stole my thunder!