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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

What I Saw This Morning. . .

As I started out the door this morning, I saw these little bambis in my flowers. Now, usually it's little boys on tractors or dogs that are messing around where they shouldn't be, but today these little innocent looking fawns are eating my impatiens! I thought they would run when I opened the door.
They only moved out of the bed looking back at me-- taunting me!
Look over on the left. Their parents are allowing this behavior! Yes, they are as cute as can be but I can't allow them to eat my flowers!!!! They need to find a new place to graze.

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Misty said...

the boys think they are super cute! They look alot nicer than the big and scary creatures that live up in my neck of the woods! I will trade ya! Oh, and I LOVE my title at the top of my button this blog! That is just how I feel about you and your ENTIRE family! Tell Peanut that I am still missing him hanging out in the workroom!