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Thursday, July 12, 2012

World's Largest Treehouse

This is the world's largest tree house in Crossville, TN.  It rises 97 feet into the sky!  The support for the tree house is provided by a live, 80 foot tall white oak that is 12 feet in diameter at its base.  Six other trees brace the structure.  It has 10 floors and is estimated to have 8 to 10,000 square feet of space.  Horace Burgess built the tree house.  He says it built it for everyone and the the Lord told him, "If you build me a tree house,  I'll see that you never run out of material." He calls it God's Tree House.
Parker, Peanut and I visited this spot on July 6th.  We climbed to the top.  Well, we climbed as far as the steps went.  The very brave could climb a ladder to the belfry. We didn't think that was a safe thing to do.  We made it to the window with the flags.
This is the view from that window.
The tree house is centered around a chapel/basketball court.
The tree house is like a maze with lots of twists and turns and some very steep steps.  I also saw several places that one could easily fall to their death!
These are the steps up to the top, at the time they were not so bad, but the next day my leg kept reminding me that old people do not need to be climbing around in tree houses.

Parker thought this would be a good place for a show.  I saw it as another place one could fall to their death!
There were lots of doors leading out to the balconies.
These bears guard the entrance.
Parker's favorite part was the swing.  The swing was a lawn chair suspended from the very top of the tree house.  Notice the duct tape covering the swing.  We are not sure if it is for comfort or if it is holding the swing/chair together.

 There was a resident goat at the tree house and some ducks and miniature horses.
If you feel adventurous and want to visit, be sure you have directions, there are no signs but it is easy to find and just off the interstate at Genesis Road. There is no admission fee, but you can buy a t-shirt or a painting while you are there!

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