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Thursday, July 12, 2012

Twelve on the Twelfth of July

It's time again for twelve on the twelfth!  It was a much welcomed rainy day on the Ponderosa.  We also went on an adventure with our retired teacher friends.  We all meet together at least once a month for a fun day and to catch up with each other.
We left the Ponderosa early this morning and headed north on our way to Liberty, KY.
We must cross Wolf River Dam on our way.  It has been under construction for years to stop the leaking. I like to drive fast across the dam in case it decides to break while we cross!  I guess I think we could outrun it!
No trip to Liberty would be complete without a stop in Russell Springs at our favorite place to find bargains, The Mighty Dollar, where everything is a dollar.  Not even the rain could keep us from hunting for treasures.
This was my favorite Mighty Dollar find today!  We needed some new drinking glasses and the cute factor on these is very high so I bought four!  They were Libbey brand and meet my standard for good drinking glasses because they are heavy and you can put your entire hand in and reach the bottom when they need to be hand washed.
Then it was on to the Bread of Life Cafe where today there was chicken and dumplings, ham, fried chicken, mashed potatoes, fresh corn, rolls, peach cobbler and oreo cake.  There is an unbelievable salad bar and soup and ice cream and rolls and biscuits and more!  You get all this and more for $8.99 and the drink of your choice is included.  You will always leave here stuffed.
 A Mennonite family had a produce stand set up in the parking lot.  My friends all made a purchase!
We also visited this store in the Mennonite Community where I found some great produce.

I found peaches and blueberrries and something brand new to me, white sweet potatoes.
When you shop in the Mennonite Community you see all types of transportation.
Back at home we just watched it rain on the flowers and
and the garden,
While these four critters played in the front yard.  The little ones were running and jumping and frolicking for joy in the rain!
And this frequent visitor to the back yard enjoyed eating some wild cherries as it does every afternoon!

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